In Massachusetts, many resources exist that can serve Seniors Citizens or anyone else with chronic health conditions to add significant value to their current healthcare. Whether it be food or housing assistance, financial support, or recreational activities, these varied services can be used at will to support an individual’s health needs in a comprehensive way. We’ve organized the following list of resources and relevant information for you to add to your care management toolkit.

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MassOptions connects elders, individuals with disabilities and their caregivers with agencies and organizations that can best meet their needs.

844 422 6277

Promotes healthy aging and the delivery of elder services in MA through health promotion programs to support healthy communities.

Information concerning care for elders in Massachusetts and help for elders in finding the resources they need to maintain independence.

800 243 4636


45 Prospect St, Cambridge, MA 02139
866 227 3895
555 Amory Street Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
617 522 6700
617 524 2899


52 Chauncy St, Boston, MA 02111
617 988 4000


*members GSSC or insurance Case Manager for specific transportation assistance available. Other options or resources include:

1000 Massachusetts Avenue, 2nd Floor, Boston, MA 02118
617 337 2727


1 800 243 4636
508 793 1166

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